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You Have a Ministry! Do You Know What It Is?

There have been moments when I literally began to panic. Thoughts racing through my mind ... God didn't tell you to write a blog! You shouldn't be doing this! This is all you! Have you ever experienced this deceitful kind of attack on your mind? God didn't send you here! God didn't say ... Do… Continue reading You Have a Ministry! Do You Know What It Is?

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The Care Giver

The first 11 days I was running on adrenalin. I arrived in town the night before he came home from a 6-day hospital stay resulting from complications of a severe bout with the flu. Extreme coughing had broken a vertebra in his back and caused a huge hematoma that resulted in a 40% blood loss.… Continue reading The Care Giver

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Why We Must Not Judge Others

Maybe there are Christians that have never stumbled. I just know that I'm not one of them! When I'm judged, I hope that God takes into account the hurts and circumstances that led me down wrong paths. I have plenty of excuses. I could explain it all. I don't want God or anyone else to… Continue reading Why We Must Not Judge Others

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Love is Patient

"Love is patient." I Corinthians 13:4 Slow to anger toward others: this is patience. Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit. It is a characteristic of God. The Greek word for patience is┬ámakrothumia. It is also translated as patience in 2 Peter 3:9. "The Lord ... is patient with you, not wanting anyone… Continue reading Love is Patient