Poetry by Cindy

My Prayer

(When my daughter went to Africa to work in a Children's Hospital)

Your love, O God,
Will hold us near.
It shields us from
our darkest fears.

In times of darkness
Where I can't see,
Your loving eye
Will watch for me.

When I can't see
What lies ahead,
I'll trust you, Lord,
And what You've said.

Your promises
Are my delight.
They guide my way.
They are my light.

With my whole heart
I trust in you.
Your loving hands
Will see us through.

Your faithful love
Forever watches
Your precious child
In all Earth's places.

Your Watchful Eye Will Lead Me

Your watchful eye will lead me.
You never look away.
I turn to you for guidance
Every single day.

Because I love your Word,
And seek to know it well,
I trust your hand to guide me,
For in my heart Christ dwells.

You Rescued Me

You brought me out of sin and shame. 
You saw me there and called my name.

You rescued me from hurt and pain.
You found me and you broke my chains.
Replacing them with peace and joy, 
My Savior’s love I’d now enjoy.

I had wasted many years, 
but you were there to calm my fears. 

Now, all my life I’ll praise your Name 
For you, O Lord, My life reclaimed.

God's Grace

God's grace is greater than all my doubts. 
Only He can drive them out.
I pray for what I cannot see 
And trust the One who set me free.

I fall before the throne of grace 
Boldly asking for a place
That quiets all my hurts and fears 
That this world brings with all its tears.
What promise shall we not believe? 
He gave His life upon a tree
That you and I would always know 
The greatest love He could bestow.
So doubt I tell you, "You must go!" 
I turn to Him, because He knows
The secrets bound inside my soul. 
There's nothing that He does not know.
My Savior calls me by my name. 
He takes my hand and heals my shame.
He says to me, "I understand. 
I know the pain this life demands."
"Come to me and make your plea 
Nothing is too hard for me. 

Come to me and you will know 
The peace and love that heals your soul."

Thy Word

Thy Word I love, O Lord. 
Tis my greatest delight.
Early I rise to seek you 
And wait for the morning light. 

Thy Word I receive, O Lord.
Tis my daily bread.  

It feeds my broken heart  
And prepares for the day ahead.  

Thy Word I will keep, O Lord.
Tis my strength for each day,   

You are the solid rock.
I will follow all your ways.  
Thy Word I need, O Lord.
Tis the joy of my heart. 

You draw me closer to You, 
To teach and Thy Truth to impart .  

I give thanks for this wonderful gift.
More precious than silver and gold

A treasure of promise and love, 
My Bible, whose worth is untold.

Hope For My Friend

My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow.
My hope is fading away.

No rainbows are coming tomorrow.
Only storms are coming my way.

Jesus, carry my burden.
It is much too heavy for me.

But your Word, O Lord, is certain.
With faith, please help me to see.

Thank you for what you are doing,
The works that I can not see.

For if I could see and know them,
I would think it was done by me.

Only You shall receive the glory
And that is how it should be.

You alone are able
All glory I give to thee.

The Promise Land

Teach me about your love
the gift that's from above.

When sorrow fills my heart,
your comfort alone can part
     -the sea of pain.

You lead me on dry ground
to the Promise Land.

In this life, you will provide
the manna and the quail.

That nourishes my soul
until I see
     -the Promise Land.

Thank You Lord

Lord, Thank you for my birds so sweet. 
Thank you for the food they eat.

Thank you that she has a mate. 
A lovely male to share her plate.

Thank you for the songs they sing – 
Praises to our Lord and King.

Doves pick up the seed below. 
Your plan, O God, that all will grow.

The Crows, they are so very smart. 
They make a tool to get all parts.

Purple Martins dart about. 
Eating insects – without a doubt.

I say, my birds – but they are yours. 
Shared with me, all doubts to cure.