Dear Christian Writer

When I do all the talking, I can't hear God! That's right. You heard me right. Do you ever have that problem? Prayer isn't just talking. It's listening, too. Sometimes, in my eagerness to write, I rush ahead of God. When I don't wait on Him, I make mistakes - not horrible mistakes, but my… Continue reading Dear Christian Writer


A Dream Planted By God

"When the dream in our heart is one that God has planted there, a strange happiness flowers into us. At that moment all of the spiritual resources of the universe are released to help us. Our praying is then at one with the will of God and becomes a channel for the Creator's always joyous,… Continue reading A Dream Planted By God

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Is This God’s Will?

Do you ever get stumped? You just don't know if it is God's will for you do a certain thing. You think it might be, but you aren't sure. An opportunity came to me recently, but I didn't know what to do. I searched the Scriptures to find out and the Lord answered my prayer.… Continue reading Is This God’s Will?

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Fight Back!

Do you ever wonder, "What is wrong with me? I feel so discouraged and depressed." If so, you could be under attack by spiritual forces of evil! I didn't make that up! The apostle Paul wrote it the book of Ephesians. He said, "Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on… Continue reading Fight Back!


God Knows the Plan!

Six months ago, I had no idea that I was going to be writing a blog! I had no idea that my daughter would be leading worship in my church! I had no idea that God was getting ready to change my life. Today, I ┬árealized that God had this plan working when I was… Continue reading God Knows the Plan!