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Quote of the Week, 1/25/23

People believe easily when it doesn’t cost them any discomfort. It’s when it hurts that believing means something.”

From the historical fiction book, Storm Clouds Rolling In by Ginny Dye

In this book, the main character, Carrie, is the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner in 1860 Virginia. When exposed to the cruelty of slavery she is faced with what it will cost her to turn against those she loves and her very way of life. This quote holds meaning for anything you believe. Will you continue to believe even when what you believe goes against the tide?

Love, Cindy

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Photo by Gary Fultz on Unsplash  

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Week, 1/25/23”

  1. A very good quote Cindy. So true.
    I found this owl because a small band of various birds were very upset about an owl in their nesting area. I tried to capture a couple robins landing near and screaming at the owl but the birds kept their distance and just made a lot of noise.

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    1. Have you ever wondered how the church could have condoned slavery in the pre-civil war south? I like this character because she stands to lose everything dear to her when she helps slaves escape. I think we are facing much the same thing today, only over different issues. Thanks for commenting. Blessings!

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