Quote of the Week, 12/28/22

Once the church determines its purpose is to engage and attract the culture rather than edify and equip the saints, it sets out on a path that will always lead to worldliness and apostasy.

John MacArthur

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9 thoughts on “Quote of the Week, 12/28/22”

  1. This quote hits the bulls-eye, Cindy, and so many churches have gotten side-tracked right at this point. It’s so important that we take a biblical perspective on everything to do with God’s kingdom and the associated ministry activities that we are involved in.

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    1. I agree. The Church must honor, and cherish God’s Word above all else. And as you know, standing with Biblical values and teachings is only going to get more and more difficult. Thanks for commenting. Blessings, Craig.

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  2. A wise quote! My wife and I attended a mega-church that followed the Warren-Hybels-Drucker seeker/church-growth model for 4.5 years and circumstances just got worse and worse.

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    1. I hope you have found a church that you like. It can be difficult to find one. I am so thankful that we have God’s Word to guide us into all Truth. No church is perfect. And believes are in all different places on their Christian journey. Thanks for adding your comments. Blessings, Tom!

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      1. Thank you, Cindy! We found what we think is a good church several weeks ago and have been attending. I wrote a two-part post about our “church-search” experience, which I will be posting shortly. Blessings to you!

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