God Hears Your Prayers

I received an urgent prayer request from an orphanage in Africa asking me to pray for 2 young children with Malaria. Their fever was raging.

Although my heart was breaking, I felt like my prayers did little good. If my prayers were working, wouldn’t I feel something?

Not necessarily. Faith has nothing to do with feelings. It’s not an emotion that can be mustered up. Faith is believing God’s promises, believing His Word, and trusting Him.

When we feel like our prayers aren’t making it out of the room, we need to remember what God has said in His Word.

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” Psalm 145:18

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16 NKJV

Even in prayer, we must depend on His grace to give us the ability to pray with great faith. It is not by our own strength, but His.

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16 NIV)

So as we approach our loving God in prayer, may we lean on Him and find grace to help us in our time of need. Let us depend on His power and goodness and not our own ability or power. He has given us the privilege of prayer.

“Our prayers cannot force God to do anything, but He uses them as His own instruments to bring about His will.”

R. C. Sproul

Prayer isn’t something we have to do. It’s something we get to do. As the old hymn says, “What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.”

ABOUT What A Friend We Have in Jesus : What a Friend We Have in Jesus was written by Joseph M. Scriven. Joseph Scriven’s life was filled with many trials and sorrows. His fiancée died in a drowning accident on the eve of their wedding in 1844. Eventually, he found love again, but his plans for marriage were dashed again when his new bride-to-be died after a short illness in 1855. That same year, he received news from Ireland that his mother was terribly ill. He wrote a poem to comfort her called “Pray Without Ceasing”. It was later set to music and renamed What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Scriven did not have any intentions nor dream that his poem would be published in the newspaper and later become a favorite hymn among the millions of Christians around the world.

Fellowship with God is the heart of prayer. Too often we lose sight of how simple prayer is really supposed to be.”

With Love, Cindy

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17 thoughts on “God Hears Your Prayers”

  1. I often don’t “feel” the passion in prayer that I want. It comes and goes. Your words encourage me, though, to remember that prayer is a result of faith and not of feeling. I love the story behind that hymn. Thank you for sharing these truths today, Cindy.

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    1. It is comforting to know that others share some of my frustrations and feelings of inadequacy. My prayer is that others are encouraged because the devil likes us to think that we fall short in every way. But he is a liar (as we all know)! I’m thankful that you were encouraged my friend. Blessings, Patty!

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  2. I love to pray even though sometimes it seems like God is 1,000,000,000 miles away. I find out he’s right there beside me and he doesn’t answer my prayers for a bit not always which I don’t always understand in my finite mind but I know he has a purpose and a plan And he will to fill it has he wishes and I need to trust him that he knows what’s best. Because he is my and our father our Savior and Lord. I am often reminded while I’m praying that he does once again hear my prayer and it’s like music to his ears When he hears his child pray

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  3. Prayer is something we do not have to do but get to do – Amen Cindy. Sometimes I don’t feel God close but I do know that we are meant to pray even when we do not feel it, the reassurance I have is that he hears us always and by talking to Him there is only one way this can go and that is closer to Him.

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  4. I recognize this story about Joseph M Scriven. I recall how sorry I was for him, but also found it very encouraging how he handled those terrible situations. It also reminds me a bit of Job, in that aspect.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Hi Pastor Jim, I’m sorry that I made it sound like this was a current prayer need. It actually happened in the past. I was unable to find out if the children survived. I have to believe that your prayers were answered for someone. It is not uncommon for children in African orphanages to have malaria. Thank you for praying.

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