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Quote of the Week, 9/22/21

“Small numbers make no difference to God. There is nothing small if God is in it.”

Dwight Lyman Moody

With Love, Cindy

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4 thoughts on “Quote of the Week, 9/22/21”

  1. Cindy, this was the perfect quote for me today. I just got back from a book signing in a small town, where financially speaking I barely made enough money to pay for the gas to drive across the state. (Good thing that wasn’t the point. 😉) But I had some wonderful God conversations with people I had never met before, and on the way back I got a delightfully enthusiastic voicemail from a lady I had met at the gas station a few weeks ago. (It had been here birthday, and I’d given her a copy of BARRIERS.) Sometimes I feel like in the Body of Christ I’m a blood cell. And that’s OK with me! (After all, “The life is in the blood.” 😁)

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    1. You are more than a little cell! You are a wonderful role model, for one thing. I’m so glad I know you and I truly wish you lived close by. I am thankful that today’s quote encouraged you. It certainly encouraged me! Have a blessed day, dear Annie!

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