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A Verse for Meditation, 6/17/21

“He who oppresses the poor reproaches, mocks, and insults his Maker, but he who is kind and merciful to the needy honors Him.” Proverbs 14:31 AMPC Read full chapter

With Love, Cindy

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6 thoughts on “A Verse for Meditation, 6/17/21”

  1. I read this verse recently too. It really made me stop and think how careful we need to be in our treatment of the homeless beggars outside the supermarkets.
    Thank you for the important reminder Cindy, God bless you sister.

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    1. I think helping the homeless is something we should give more thought to, and pray about how we should respond. Personally, I choose to give to the Salvation Army. They do a wonderful job in my hometown. Occassionally, I will give cash to a “panhandler”, but my city prohibits it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Many blessings, Alan!

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