The Midsts of Time

Poetic Perspectives

Each day of the future, time binds like a suture
that punctures the present becoming the past.
And layer by layer it forms a conveyer,
transporting me forward, unbidden, unasked.

And try as I may just to live in today,
my mind gazes out through the fog and the mist,
where worry and dread start to fill up my head,
regardlessly grinding my joys into grist.

The one sure solution when mental pollution
has darkened the sun, wiped the blue from the sky –
I blow on the ember of faith and remember:
My Lord is the Sovereign who’s reigning on high.

He’s loved me forever and holds me together,
as onward and upward and forward I trod.
He helps me to stand as I’m holding His hand,
My Jesus, I love you, my Lord and my God!

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I…

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