Watching The Skies

Poetic Perspectives

Tufted titmouse watching the sky (photo: Craig Sabin)

Walking down this road of pain
Grief and sorrow fall like rain
Slowly soak me to the bone
Ever yearning for my home
Worldly hopes have passed away
Withered in a single day
Weary worn, I long for rest
Pressing on while being pressed

Rest my thoughts on things above
Christ my Savior rules in love
Grants me power to endure
Cleans my heart to make it pure
While I'm here there's work to do
Destined days will soon be through
Torn between the now and then
Where I'm going, where I've been
Keep my eye upon the sky
Jesus coming from on high
Holy angels, army bright
Pierce the darkness, end the night

Mercy will not tarry long Soon my lips will part in song Joy will dry my ev'ry tear All my fears will disappear   Even…

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