What Is Abortion?

During an election night edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Kimmel used what was meant to look like a gospel choir with a church background to promote abortion. Complete with a church organ, they sang these words,

“More unwanted children. The Supreme Court is to blame. We hope they always have a screaming baby on their plane.”

The audience erupted in applause and cheers. Is that an admission that abortion is killing your baby? Because before this I’d only heard pro-abortion advocates refer to abortion as “women’s healthcare” or “women’s rights”.

It bothers me that you never hear abortion advocates refer to abortion for what it really is: killing your baby. Why don’t people just say, “A woman should have the right to kill her unborn child”? Why do we cloak the word abortion in more acceptable terms like “health care”? Don’t we need to be honest about the facts to have an honest debate?

The Jimmy Kimmel skit was bold enough to admit that we’re talking about unborn children’s lives. Perhaps this is just a new in-your-face demand on behalf of the god of self.

No valid debate is possible until we acknowledge what abortion is and stop calling it healthcare or women’s rights. There’s a reason for this misnaming. The truth is too ugly to defend. Is a woman’s choice more important than protecting human life?

The difference between a fetus and any one of us is one of age, location, and level of dependence. When a mother aborts the process of fetal development, she is destroying a unique life. (

Let’s have an honest discussion about abortion. Let us agree that a fetus is a human being and go from there.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

Love, Cindy

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15 thoughts on “What Is Abortion?”

  1. Good point. Having to rename and reframe things to make them palatable is kind of an admission in itself. You know something is too ugly to present and try to pretty it up, that is already deception and the truth is compromised right there.

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  2. I was astonished to hear a national news media interviewing people about abortion, and they allowed one woman’s answer to air: “I believe abortion is premeditated murder.” She was speaking truth, and they aired it. 😲

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  3. Always enlightening to read your insights into life, Cindy. Among the increasing societal ills sweeping our nation, abortion is no doubt the darkest and deepest, as it affects innocent life.

    If the newborn had “a voice” at birth, they would no doubt cry out for life & not even consider the option (choice?) for death. So, fundamentally speaking, so-called pro-choice is simply (as you say) a word play to whitewash the judgment ordinarily justified for taking the life of another, all the while denying the “others” (the unborn) right for a defense.

    My suspicion is many women who have undergone this procedure suffer immensely from mental and emotional pain, and in many situations self-medicate to deaden that pain.

    But you know Cindy, as bad as abortion is, there is a God in Heaven who still forgives sin and is able to heal the heart of the truly repentant. Everyone makes mistakes. But thank God for the hope He offers through His mercy (Proverbs 20:28).

    Blessings to you!

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    1. It would be interesting to interview women who have had an abortion and hear their thoughts. I have no doubt that many would say they have suffered emotional pain and regret their decision. But as you said, our God, in His great mercy, forgives all sin no matter how great when we turn to Him in repentance. Thanks for commenting. Blessings!
      “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:17


  4. Many need to understand why perhaps a woman or a child decided to have an abortion, many are rape no one ever talks about that one, why would anyone expect the woman or young girl to carry the child from a rapist. I was rape at seven years old by a grandfather and at sixteen by my father after my mom had died from cancer. Or in some states if a woman miscarried a child she truly wanted because she is married she goes to jail, once again I can say I had more than one miscarriages, especially of my daughter I named Abriella Grace. You see we as Christian do not have the right to judge that belongs to God and God alone. The decision should be between a woman and her doctor and God and not the government. The funny part of this is that when a child is disable too many so call Christians tell you the reason they are not heal is because they have no faith. When I preach on Sundays it is easy to praise God on the mountain top when everything in your life is great, however it is when you or I are in the pity of the valley that you choose to worship the Lord that is Great Faith. My daughter who has been sick most of her life and yes she is Abriella’s twin she has more faith in what she has to face on each and everyday. If Christians stop judging perhaps then and only then they will be able to lead another to Christ.

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    1. Eileen, The things that happened to you are heart-breaking. I know you have faced a lot of trauma in your life. I am thankful that you know the love and compassion of Jesus. How else would anyone survive these things?
      The purpose of this post is to call for an honest debate. I am not judging you. I pray for God’s blessings on you and your daughter.

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      1. Agree, my point here that no one should judge any woman or young girl if they do choose to have an abortion, because they go through counseling before that decision is made and it is not an easy one. I am sorry to say that there are too many Christians who want to judge another instead of letting a counselor. There are woman today who have a tubal pregnancy and in some state they are can’t have an abortion so they end up septic shock and they can die. Yes children are a gift from God when Christians being to judge another they are taking God’s place and believe me God is still on the throne.


  5. There re so many support groups for women who have killed their babies under the guise of the term ‘abortion’ and using the word ‘fetus” instead of baby. satan (purposely not capitalized) has blinded their minds, not just their eyes. There is so much information out there now that there is no excuse. That is why women feel so bad afterward an abortion. It sickens me. I have written a few times about it myself. Thank you, Cindy, for standing up for the voiceless. May many who are or will be reading this blog have their eyes opened to the truth is my prayer. In Jesus’ name.

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