Why Do Christians Drift Away?

While at the beach one summer, my two sons insisted on renting a small boat. They were told to stay close, but eventually they began to drift. We started yelling at them and waving our arms, but they didn’t see us and kept drifting farther and farther away, unaware.

That’s the bad thing about drifting, you can end up far from where you started and unaware of how far you’ve drifted.

“… we must pay much closer attention than ever to the things that we have heard, so that we do not [in any way] drift away from truth.” Hebrews 2:1 AMP

Today we have the entire Bible to keep us on course, but do we neglect it? C.S. Lewis said,

As a matter of fact, if you examined a hundred people who had lost their faith in Christianity, I wonder how many of them would turn out to have been reasoned out of it by honest argument? Do not most people simply drift away?”

Mere christianity

We can so easily drift away from God and toward the ways of the world: thinking like the world, acting like the world, even speaking like the world. How? Compromise, open-mindedness, tolerance for what is evil in the eyes of the Lord, the desire to fit in.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2 NIV

Thinking back on my past, I can see how drifting away from God was a result of drifting farther and farther away from God’s Word. Drifting happens so easily, not because of anything we do, as much as what we don’t do. We neglect Bible study, neglect church fellowship, neglect worship, neglect prayer.

My boys finally saw us waving wildly and came back in, but others have not been so lucky.

In his article, 9 Fortunate Souls Who Survived Being Lost at Sea, Avery Thompson said this,

“The sea is like a wet desert. There’s no food. There’s no shelter. Nothing to drink. In every direction, the view is the same: nothing. Plus, dangerous predators lurk just beneath the depths.  A shipwreck out on the open ocean can be a death sentence. If rescue doesn’t come in the first 48 hours, it probably never will.”

We can compare this to drifting spiritually. No spiritual food to eat, no living water to drink, demons lurking just beneath …

That’s why the writer of Hebrews says, “we must pay much closer attention than ever to the things that we have heard“. We must be reading our Bible and renewing our minds. These words are as true today as they were when first written.

The worse thing about being a drifter is that you probably won’t even notice what you’ve become or how far you have drifted. So in this time, as in the first century, Christians “must pay much closer attention than ever.”

Are you paying attention?

Love, Cindy

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40 thoughts on “Why Do Christians Drift Away?”

  1. So easy to drift with so much to do. The word is life and we must prioritize it to have the wisdom we need for all things in life. I drift too, doing good thiings. Thanks for the reminder, I needed it! Blessings, Susie

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  2. Yes, drifting is very dangerous. Sometimes we Americans get so distracted by our various devices or are in other ways overcome by the pleasures of this world, that we find ourselves far from shore. If we are really His sheep, however, we will eventually realize and repent.

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  3. Women suffer spiritual abuse by the Orthodox Christian Church & its leaders: 1. told that women are not made in the image of God. 2. told that spiritual gifts to women do not include exhortation or other teaching gifts. 3. told that women have no significant input in their own child’s life after he/she is weaned. 4. told that women cannot have ministries of any kind. 5. told that women are worthless creatures who become mere handmaidens without an inheritance in the afterlife. What a blessing it was to discover Philip B. Payne’s book “Man and Woman One in Christ.”

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    1. I am not familiar with Orthodox Christianity and its beliefs. Nor am I familiar with Phillip B. Payne (although maybe I should be). However, I do not believe that the Bible teaches any of the 5 things you listed. I am thankful that you were able to discover Payne’s book. I will have to check it out for myself. May God bless you as you seek Truth in your relationship with Christ. I have found the Bible to be our only infallible guide to truth. My understanding is that the best translations are NASB, ESV, and NIV.


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