5 thoughts on “Daily Scripture, 6/11/19”

  1. Yes, we think of our faith as our shield, and it is, but Psalm 91 tells us that God’s faithfulness is also our shield. The shield has two layers, and His faithfulness is greater than our faith (which itself is a gift from Him) – it’s big enough to cover the whole universe…. So what do we have to worry about? 😉

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      1. According to this article, ancient soldiers had shields with more than one layer. “The Romans covered their tortoises (mobile siege sheds) with raw hides packed with vinegar-soaked seaweed or chaff, to serve as protection against regular and incendiary missiles.[49] Throughout the period, sacks or nets might be filled with vinegar-moistened chaff, seaweed or wet moss and hung on the exterior.” – Wikipedia (Not that Wikipedia is the last word, but it makes sense.)

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